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Cash For your Assets



There are times in life when you just need to raise some cash.  You may have an immediate need… to pay for a child’s education,  to buy a car, to raise capital to start a business, etc.  Or, you may be falling on hard times…..losing your job, getting divorced, fallen into debt. When you need cash NOW… BK Enterprises is the first call you should make. 


The premise behind our company is very simple. 

 You own things!

We buy things!


It's that easy. The core business of BK Enterprises allows you to liquidate the assets that you own, and we pay you cash for those assets!!!


What kind of assets you ask?


That's the beauty of BK Enterprises... it really doesn’t matter!!!  While our primary focus is on real estate properties, the company deals in anything and everything, houses, cars, jewelry, furniture, sports equipment,  landscaping ... WHATEVER!!!   You name it, we buy it. Our company knows no boundaries.  Individual items or complete lots…if it has value, we are interested.  We will entertain serious discussion about ANY asset you may be interested in liquidating.

In addition to our core focus on real estate properties, BK Enterprises also offers a variety of related services;

          Personal Property Secured Loans             Hard Money Lending      

Title Loans                                                      Property Management 


 Check Cashing                                             Consulting

           Debt Buying                                                  Seminars


A complete description of each of these services can be found in the “Our Services” section of the site.

If you find yourself in need of a cash infusion …take the easy path… call or email BK Enterprises today


BK Enterprises … Your Key to Cash!!!









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